Sales Program

Let us sell your horse or find your next show partner!

Why choose IV Show Horses to market your horse?

  1. Our web site gets over 2,000 hits per week.
  2. We average two horses sold per month.
  3. We CARE about a great new home for your horse!

Individual Marketing Fees (per horse):

  • $150 Online advertising and ad maintenance on five equine web sites
  • 10% Commission on final sale price of horse

Farm Marketing:
We are now offering an on-site Farm Marketing program. Call today (440) 343-0399 to arrange a day for us to visit your farm and photograph all the horses you have for sale. We will also video the sale horses of your choice for advertising purposes. Ads of your sale horses will be placed on and four other equine sales web sites.

Clients already in our program:

  • Piper Performance Horses
  • Hank Clason Quarter Horses
  • Lisa Mathews Quarter Horses
  • Whispering Pines Farm
  • Chris Cook Performance Horses
  • Many others

Cost: (Prices below are for on-site Farm Marketing Program only, per-farm):

  • 2 - 3 Horses: $350
  • 4 - 6 Horses: $500
  • 7 - 10 Horses:$750
  • 10 + Horses: Please call for pricing
  • 10% Commission on final sale price of horse if ISH client buys horse

Included in the Farm Marketing Fee:
Shooting, editing, uploading and maintaining all ads, photos and videos. Photos and videos are exclusive property of Acclaimed Photography/IV Show Horses and may not be used elsewhere without written consent. Each horse will be listed on five web sites. We do all the work of fielding phone calls and emails on ads. All you do is cash the check when your horse sells!

Separate Photos and Videos (shot at IV Show Horses facility):
If you would like to bring your horse to us to shoot your sales video and photos in our well-lit arena, prices are as follows (for ISH use to advertise your horse - otherwise DVD prices follow):

  • $35/Horse for photos
  • $45/Horse for videos

Photos and Videos on DVD with full copyright release:

  • $25/Horse

IV Show Horse Representation at our facility (Includes Full-Care Board):

-  $1,200/Sale Horse Fitting (3 Training Sessions/Week) 

-  $1,500/Sale Horse Fitting (4 or More Training Sessions/Week)

Professional Photography by Acclaimed Photography:
Capturing just the right photo of the horse being offered demands patience and skill. Selling horses requires an honest and superior representation of your horse offered for sale. We have spent years mastering the technique of photographing horses to represent them in the most positive aspect possible, allowing perspective buyers an opportunity to view the horse from all angles.

In addition, Acclaimed Photography will design layouts for camera-ready ads in popular industry publications. See our ads in the AQHA Journal and others.We will travel to your farm to photograph your horse(s) for sale, or just to frame and display on your mantle at home. Please contact us to set up an appointment for your on-site photography. 

Professional Videography:
Like photography, video representation of your horse for sale is paramount to creating an honest, optimized video of what prospective buyers are looking for. Many people miss out on sales and great horse and rider matches because they have attempted to put together a video of their horse themselves. Not everyone is a professional videographer, and that's ok! Do not try to do it yourself and send out low quality videos, or films that make the viewers sea sick! Instead, relax and let us create a video that you will be proud to hand to an interested party with confidence that your horse will be well-represented in a format second to none.

In an effort to make your horse selling/purchasing experience a positive and simple one, we will handle all the paperwork necessary in the transaction of horse purchase/sales. 

Sample Paperwork Handled:

  • Transfer Report
  • Pre-Purchase Agreement
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Parentage/Pedigree Verification
  • Faxing/Delivering/Overnighting Paperwork
  • Show Record

Leave the guesswork out of the paperwork of buying or selling a horse. Do not get burned because final sale details have not been reviewed. I have seen too many buyers and sellers experience sales remorse because they have not enlisted the help of a professional to handle the paperwork in the sale or purchase of a horse.

Sales/Purchase Communication:
Probably the most valuable service we offer is prompt, complete, direct communication with the buyer or seller involved in the sale or purchase of your horse. As a professional in this area of the equine industry, I know what questions to ask to be sure the seller of a horse is not telling you lies or trying to hide something about the horse they are selling. I will ask all the questions that you need answered to be sure the horse you purchase is the horse you need. In sales, I will be sure that the party purchasing your horse has the best intentions for your horse and will provide them with the home in which you are looking to place your horse. The most important aspect of buying and selling horses to us, is that the owners and horses are happy with their homes. If horses do not end up in the right hands, or owners do not end up with the right horse, no one is happy and I have not done my job. My best source of advertising is happy customers telling others about their experience they had with IV Show Horses.

Horse Transportation:
We work closely with a professional transportation company that makes regular runs across the country. This reputable professional specializes in handling young horses in a quiet, calm and gentle manner. Don't get all the way through the sales or purchase process only to have your new horse dumped into the hands of some cowboy who is going to throw your horse around and deliver it barely alive. Let our experienced team deliver for you, at exceptional rates and superior service. References available upon request. We are also available to haul your horse(s) short or long-distance.

Pre-Purchase Vet Exams:
Pre-purchase vet exams sometimes take the guess work out of buying or selling a horse, but they can also be an area of confusion for all parties involved. 

Sample Veterinarian Services Offered:

  • Set up appointments for pre-purchase vet exams
  • Recommend local, un-biased veterinarians and equine hospitals in the Ohio area
  • Draw up paperwork for sales contingent upon pre-purchase vet exam results

Directions and Transportation: 
We understand that not everyone has all the time in the world to travel around shopping for horses. To better accommodate our prospective buyers, we can provide driving directions, recommend airport/flight locations and make hotel reservations for your stay while you look at horses. We even offer to pick you and your party up from the airport, transport you to the farms where you are horse shopping, show you around town, and return you to the airport or hotel. This method of trying horses is consistent with our biggest belief, which is spending quality time with the horse(s) you are considering for purchase. A horse trial or visit should not be a 20 minute, one-time deal. We recommend you spend enough time with the horse so that when you get it home, you are sure he/she is the one for you.

References Available:
We have a long list of satisfied customers with whom you may speak about the success they have had with our Sales Program.